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Why create Spreadsheet Accounting? was started in 2015 to help people throughout the world learn the role spreadsheets could play in refreshing their understanding of basic accounting and bookkeeping.

Anthony Mellor Hello, my name is Anthony Mellor.

I enjoy working with people who, like myself are running their own business. If you are a one man band or close to it, trying to run a small Ltd company this site was created with you in mind.

Frankly, I am frequently asked to make an examination of the cloud computing accountancy systems offerings. And while there are some good ones, I find that 60% of small businesses either do or could do just as well with a tool they already know - a spreadsheet. The best software in the world will always be the one you already know. It is a pain to learn a new one.

Please know that I am passionate about the use of spreadsheets for accounting. Through the years, I have worked hard to develop both my accounting and spreadsheet skills into what they are today. I’ve gained valuable on-site experience and taken on each challenge that came my way. As a result, I have built a company on the principles that the customer’s satisfaction and personal needs must always come first.  My business site is

With 35 years of experience, I have developed a true appreciation for the simplicity and power of spreadsheets. It is a passion of mine to say the least. There is nothing better than to take the shambles of disorganized record keeping and create useful actionable information.

There is very little I have not come across in the world of small business. I do everything paperlessly and that in itself is a lifestyle choice.  I started accounting at age 19.  I love bookkeeping and making spreadsheets do what you might never imagine possible – easily and in little time, even sometimes in mere moments.

Of course, it is my hope that you will consider my services should you need help. However, the primary objective of this website is to help educate customers on the possibilities with spreadsheets for accounting.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon!   Anthony Mellor signature


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